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Annual Board Meeting minutes - November 5, 2017

05 Nov 2017 9:27 AM | Anonymous member

Hiawatha Bicycling Club Annual Meeting

November 5, 2017


A quorum was confirmed and President Jim Luoma called the meeting to order at 4:40pm.  49 members were in attendance.

Bruce Allyn motioned to approve the minutes from the 2016 annual meeting and Larry Narveson seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved.

Alan Wichman, representing the nominating committee identified the four candidates who make up the slate to serve a 2 year term:

Marty Rosenstein, Theresa Ditter, John Johnston, III and Mark Kleczewski.  John was not present.

Jim outlined how one becomes eligible to become a board member.

Barry Cole, Jack Soltis and Dan Robinson will continue their terms until November 2018. 

Jim Luoma, Bruce Allyn, Danette Vasilopoulis and Bev Sorensen completed their terms and were thanked for their service. 

There were no nominations from the floor.  Bev Sorensen motioned to accept the slate of nominees to the Board.  ________________seconded the motion.  Most voted in favor but for 1 dissenting vote.  The motion carried.

Haggith Nadav reviewed the membership report statistics.  Member counted increased by 2 for the year.  55 joined over the year and 53 dropped their membership.  31% of new members sited word of mouth and 16% sited Meet Up.  There are 1, 183 people on Meet Up and 263 on Google Groups.

Smart Cycling was a success again this past Winter with a program about Major Taylor.  Another program featured Linn Bruce and Pillsbury school kids and at another program John Mertens from Dakota County presented.  Ideas for future programs should be directed to Robin Katz at rous56@aol.com.  Robin was thanked for her diligence in finding and pulling together great programs.

Bruce Allyn reviewed the financials of the club. Financial gain for the year ended 10/31/17 was $2,300.  Can Financial Highlights be attached? 

TDA was down 50 riders.  Weather is a factor and most costs are fixed in advance.  Operating costs still exceed membership dues revenue by $2,200.  Fiscal year end Net Operating Margin was $2,525.

There were no known outstanding bills at year end.  John Zeiss noted the missing Ride Leader Vests, which have not yet arrived.  Nor has HBC been billed for them. 

The Board reviewed past charitable gifts as they related to current revenue stream and assets and decided to reduce charitable contributions from $3,000 in 2016 to $1,500 in 2017. 

Jack researched the charities to whom donations have been made in past years and the one with highest overhead was eliminated. 

Three Rivers Park Trails System, Free Bikes for Kids (pay mechanics to fix donated bikes) and Bike Alliance of MN were the charities chosen to receive donations. 

Bruce reported $1,280 of extraordinary income due to a change in investments.  Bonds, inversely related to changes in interest rates had resulted in flat to negative returns on the bond fund held.  After researching, Bruce exchanged to Vanguard Balanced Fund. 

Greg Swanson asked why we reduced charitable contributions from $2,000 to $1,500 when we had gains.

Bruce responded we weren’t aware of extraordinary gains at the time the board decided to reduce charitable donations.  The Board spent 2 meetings discussing donations.  Haggith said we should accept the Board’s decision to reduce contributions. 

Wilbur: since 1999 inception of TDA they have had concerns of what happens to HBC if we lose TDA.

Leon: If we wanted to run lean due to loss of TDA what expenses would we need to cover?  Insurance, IT, are fixed costs.  Volunteer Banquet could be forgone.  How much is enough discussion ensued with comments by Leon, Wilbur, Bob, Jim, Haggith and Alan. 

Dan said they didn’t know gain or loss of Vanguard and he would like to see the audit.  Wilbur referenced the Audit that he and Collette prepared and Leon affirmed it is audit committee’s responsibility to audit and report, not to decide.

Leon or Wilber reported 2.5x annual fixed operating expenses is sufficient for reserves. 

Russ reported on marketing and requested team members.  Marty volunteered for the Marketing Team and asked for the optimal number of HBC members.  Goal is about 300. 

Last 2 years we have gained about 50 members and lost a comparable amount. Net gain for FYE 2017 was +2.  Haggith said we could absorb 100 more members. 

Dan reported on Insurance LAB 2017.

Overall cost was $952.20 which should cover medical and liability after personal deductible of $500. 

Non-members are covered for their first ride only.  Our club cost is $4.50 per person for TDA non- members.  Average size of bike clubs are 200-400 members. 

Process for an accident is to call Dan first and report immediately.  He then goes on line and reports to Insurance LAB.   Then seek to collect from your medical insurance or homeowners liability policy before LAB claim.

If you don’t have medical insurance, you would pay the $500 deductible and submit to LAB to pay the balance of the claim.  For a liability claim, submit to your homeowners or umbrella if you have coverage there, then to club’s LAB. 

Winter walks and walkers are NOT covered. 

Alan asked if broken wrist from 2017 accident resulted in a claim against LAB and club.  Dan does not get claim info.  Alan suggested a Sunshine Committee to provide a plant or goodwill gesture to injured rider.

Leon reported Rides States

King: Barry Cole                                    Queen: Rohanda Victorsen

Prince: John Escritt                        Princess: Marcy Kelash

HBC had most number of miles ridden since 2001.

Leon suggested those that can’t access their ride stats on the website, unblock their pop up blocker.

Michelle Brower seeks to enhance info you can get off website.

2017 TDA Report from Greg Swanson:

247 riders.  Costs and revenues fluctuate.  $40 price is a good value.  Fees are flat.  We reduced price of jersey to sell more.  Now offered for $30 and about 30 of them are left. See Diane Z for jerseys or SOCKS.

Russ suggested Imathletes to list our excess merchandise for sale directly. 

Jim reviewed budget:

Expenses were $8,725 of which food was only $1,986.

TDA non-member cost $4.54 for insurance up from $3.53

Greg thanked those on planning committee/team and said he would do TDA 2018 if a deputy director would work with him and take over for 2019.  Bob D, Russ, John E ran TDA for 2 or more years as did Carmen (3 years), Paul B and others.  We acknowledged their work in making TDA the success it is.  D’Amico is a great partner. 

Feedback Greg has received is that the routes could be better marked.  Ride with GPS had available in 2017 TDA and will be again. 

The volunteer banquet will be March or April 2018. 

Final: Life Member recognition was made to Bruce Beck as a founding member of the club.  Wilbur and Bob D, also founding members accepted the award in his absence.

Jim acknowledged in his closing remarks, what he learned this year……………………

He extended thanks to all volunteers and contributors.

p.s. John Z does not know what the status is of the Ride Leader vests.  John will pursue with Norbert again.

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