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Upcoming Rides

Self Paced Rides

Self-Paced Rides are HBC Rides that you will do either by yourself, household members, and invited others.  You may complete the ride anytime within a week after it is posted.  

Birthday Bashes Return 

on July 2

Our Monthly Birthday Bashes are returning on Friday, July 2nd. This is a wonderful HBC tradition of group bike rides followed by dinner at D'amico's at 50th & France. We will celebrate birthdays and new members. Check Ride Calendar for details on rides.

Celebrate July  4th with a

Morning HBC Bike Ride

Click Here for July 4th Details

To Protect Us All, the following Group Ride Rules have been adopted:

1. All riders must pre-register for group rides

2. Riders must maintain a safe distance during group rides

3. Ride Leaders will determine the number of riders allowed on their rides

4. Non-members are welcome but also must pre-register to join group rides

5. Self-paced rides will continue to be offered and posted on the Ride Calendar

To E-Bike, or not to E-bike, that is the question:

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind and to suffer

The hills and lagging behind of outrageous fortune

Or to take help from a motor assist.

To once again be happy upon the seat or to have such happiness removed

For who would bear the whips and scorns of E-bike assists,

Let them know, that is mere jealousy,

For I know of no E-Bikrer who has forsaken their assist

So go forth and be happy and e-bike 

Thank you Shakespeare and Hamlet for this E-Bike soliloquy

Check out this write up that Dan did on buying an E-Bike and what the local laws are for its use.  Buying and Riding and E-Bike.pdf

Thinking about riding with a group? Read Ellen Gruen's Club Spring Kick-Off write-up to find out why our members like to ride, eat and social together.

Click Here for Ellen's Write-Up

About the Club

Hiawatha Bicycling Club (HBC) is a recreational riding club. Our core value is providing friendly rides and opportunities to create lasting friendships. Our ride leaders and volunteers create this inclusive environment by:

  • Welcoming new and existing members at each ride
      • Introductions at start of each ride
      • Often a meal or a tasty treat during or after the ride
      • A monthly all club Birthday Bash with food, wine and birthday cake
  • Emphasizing rider safety
  • Offering several weekly rides across the metro area:
    • Appealing to a wide variety of rider abilities
    • Exploring close to home or expanding out to the 11 county metropolitan area
    • Providing opportunities for multi-day riding near and far
  • Educating members and the community on bike related topics through our Smart Cycling series

Rides are open to all - non members welcome

Now that we are Riding Together - Let's Show It

Last call for HBC Buffs.  Here is a great opportunity to add to your buff collection by purchasing one of these rare, newly designed HBC buffs!  Celebrate the return of riding together by shouting it out loud (right there on our necks).  Let the whole world see that HBC group riding is back!  The buffs are $15.00, to order your buff, send  a check or cash to Lisa Soldat  at 4750 E 53rd St #411 or drop her an email at

HBC Book Club

Current Read

Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle, by Dervla Murphy (about a woman who sets off with a bike and a small revolver to India in 1963 and she does use the gun a few times)

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