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The HBC Board is cancelling all rides until further notice due to Covid-19

For now, outdoor exercise is not prohibited, as long as social distancing is maintained.  So go solo and enjoy the exercise and the stress relief.  Looking on the positive side, if you find a new bike route, pass it on and let's get it incorporated into a future scheduled ride.  We can stay connected on our Facebook page.

Ride Calendar

About the Club

Hiawatha Bicycling Club (HBC) is a recreational riding club. Our core value is providing friendly rides and opportunities to create lasting friendships. Our ride leaders and volunteers create this inclusive environment by:

  • Welcoming new and existing members at each ride
      • Introductions at start of each ride
      • Often a meal or a tasty treat during or after the ride
      • A monthly all club Birthday Bash with food, wine and birthday cake
  • Emphasizing rider safety
  • Offering several weekly rides across the metro area:
    • Appealing to a wide variety of rider abilities
    • Exploring close to home or expanding out to the 11 county metropolitan area
    • Providing opportunities for multi-day riding near and far
  • Educating members and the community on bike related topics through our Smart Cycling series

Rides are open to all - non members welcome

A special invitation for those of you who are not ready for our Club's moderate to fast rides

Join us on our relaxed rides.  Bring a bike a helmet and a bike in good working order to get started in group riding.  No one gets dropped and many of our relaxed riders make good friends on these rides and often get conditioned to join our moderate rides.  Let's ride together and have fun.

Registration Now Open for the 21st Annual Tour D'Amico

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