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Social riding is all about having fun while biking with others. Riders join Hiawatha Bicycling Club to:

  • Do more bike riding
  • Ride more with others
  • Have fun and make new friends
  • Ride a little farther or faster; Sometimes to ride a little slower or shorter; but always with a social group

At Hiawatha, our ride leaders and training programs help you understand how to:

  • Ride Safer
  • Ride Efficiently (Faster and Farther)
  • Select Bike Gear – Essentials and Nice to Haves

Our typical club member is a person who likes to exercise outdoors, enjoys bicycling and the fellowship of groups.  Our Club is split equally between women and men. We come in all shapes and sizes and our riding abilities vary.  HBC offers several weekly rides at different distances and speeds allowing our club members to find a ride that meets their needs.   

We are a year-round club with rides offered in the spring, summer and fall.  In the winter we switch to informal hikes and provide a Smart Cycling educational series.  Most of these winter activities are followed by a dinner.   For those of us that need to get away in the winter, our members find winter riding activities to share in Texas, Florida and the other warmer states

Our club was founded in April 1999 by 12 individuals who wanted to share social riding  We now have 300 members spread throughout the Twin Cities metro area.  Bicyclists often ask us where our name comes from.  The simple answer is that one of the founders was a train buff.  When the Club was being formed the founders on a group ride came across a magnificent Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Train engine and the name Hiawatha Bicycling Club was hatched and we took our orange color theme from the train.  Over time our name remains Hiawatha but it has melded many local culture items into a name that represents a friendly Twin Cities social riding club.  You may want to look at what inspired the club name by checking out the following Wikipedia link

One thing that makes HBC special is our volunteers.  For those who appreciate what the club offers, members have volunteered to support our annual July4th Tour D’Amico community ride, become ride leaders, helped in marketing and membership and volunteered to promote biking in the Twin Cities and Minnesota.  Many members volunteer for the Tour D’Amico which gives the Twin Cities community the chance to get a great morning Independence Day bike ride in with family or friends. Our volunteers enjoy helping on this Independence Day event as it creates pride within the Club as they raise money to donate to non-profit bike organizations in Minnesota.

We were all new to the Hiawatha Bicycling Club at one time so we want to make your first experience an enjoyable one.  Read through our website for more information and then join us for one of our rides.  Non-members are always welcome at rides.  If you would like to have more information about our Club, please email the Board  at and someone will get back to you shortly.

Let’s Ride Together with the

Hiawatha Bicycling Club

Testimonials From Our Members

My wife and I rode the July 4th Tour D'Amico, met a couple of Hiawatha members and joined the club that day. Since then, we ride a lot more together and have a lot of fun with our HBC friends.  Marty R

I love riding but my spouse is not such a fan, I get to ride more with HBC and my spouse is welcomed and included in the after ride events.  Haggith N.

I can't  believe I've gotten to be such a better rider.  Club members where always there to encourage me.  Betty R.

I look forward to first Friday of the month Birthday Bash, a great ride, good food and dring and a lot of wonderful discussions.  Barry C.

The Club was real gift! My wife and I stay active and do a lot more than most people our age.  Jim

I met a a great group of friends and we ended taking a summer Barge Trip in Europe together. Had a wonderful time. Carmen P.

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