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  • 14 Jan 2024 7:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

      January 2024 HBC President’s Letter

    Winter Greetings to the HBC Community!

    Here is a summary of recent club activity and plans for the future.

      Annual Member Meeting

    On November 12th we held our annual member meeting at Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church in Plymouth.  52 members attended and enjoyed an abundant potluck dinner.   Here are key points from the business component of the annual meeting.  


    o   Membership level down a bit to about 220 members
    o   In-person rides, birthday bashes and smart cycling events were well attended in 2023
    o   We had popular and well attended spring kick-off and (soggy) Independence Day rides and picnics
    o   HBC runs on volunteers as seen through our members who support Free Bikes 4 KIDZ and the St. Paul Classic

    Election of Board Members

    Sharon Berlin, Connie Dickson, Lee Rosenberg and Lisa Soldat were elected to the Board positions vacated by the retirement of Mike Becker, Shelli Hesselroth, Ron Jensen and Carmen Price.  

    Many thanks to Mike, Shelli, Ron and Carmen for their contributions.

    Board of Directors

    In December, the Board of Directors kicked off the new operating year by selecting club officers:

    Alan Wichman – President

    Mary Buss – Vice President

    Connie Dickson – Treasurer

    Gregor Matthews – Secretary

    Rounding out the board are: 

    Sharon Berlin

    Lee Rosenberg

    Lisa Soldat

    This is an excellent board with deep bicycling experience as well as experience serving on other non-profit boards.   Give your recommendations and feedback to any of the board members.

    What is Happening in 2024? 

    Tour D'Amico will return in 2024.  After HBC board reps met with key D'Amico management several times in late 2023, D'Amico enthusiastically agreed to partner with HBC to restart this popular community bike event.  

    I'd like to introduce you to Nancy Ellis who is HBC's TDA director.  Nancy, an HBC member, brings a wealth of leadership experience throughout her career to her post as TDA director.  Nancy has met with board members and has engaged D'Amico in multiple communications.  She has also begun planning for the event.  Stay tuned for more information about how you can volunteer to help TDA. 

    I wish you Happy New Year 2024.  I am grateful to all the volunteers who help HBC move forward.  

    Be safe, be well and all the best,

    Alan Wichman, HBC President

  • 26 Sep 2023 7:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    September 2023 HBC President’s Letter

    “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” – John F Kennedy

    Autumn greetings to the HBC Community!  Let’s review recent club activity and plans for the near future.

    Members have ridden over 60,000 HBC miles so far this season.  The mileage total continues to increase as the beautiful days of September bring out HBC riders despite recent rainy days.


    Tour D’Amico, also known as TDA, was a summertime highlight of HBC’s 2000-2019 riding seasons. Since the advent of COVID-19, this event has been paused.  As autumn advances, I will continue to provide updates about this community biking event.


    Do you have a knack for promoting an organization or cause?  If so, step forward and serve on HBC’s marketing team.  Your task will be to spread the word about HBC and recruit new members.  New marketing ideas are welcome and experience is not necessary.  Training is provided and the benefits of helping your club will more than repay you for your effort.  Contact me or any other board member for additional info.

    Some Key Points of Group Riding Etiquette and Safety

    Practice courtesy, communication, and common sense. Practice kindness and empathy. Know your limits and stay in control at all times to help the group ride safely.

    Yield to walkers and slower bicyclists.  Voice, ‘On your left’, ‘Car Back’, and other spoken warnings to help the group ride safely.

    Situational awareness:  know that there may be bikes and other vehicles in front of you, behind you and to your right and left.  A helmet or handlebar mirror may enhance your awareness of your situation and help the group ride safely.  

    Annual Membership Meeting and Call for Nominations

    The Hiawatha Bicycle Club is a non-profit corporation with a fiscal year ending October 31st.  An annual meeting of members is required by club’s By-Laws and will be conducted in November.  Stay tuned for details.

    During the annual meeting, the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs will provide updates.  The membership will also elect new members to the Board.  From the Board our club officers: The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are selected.  

    Some people have let the Board know that they will run for election.  We need more candidates and I ask you, dear reader, to step forward.  Running for the board is easy and serving is not onerous.  If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact Mike Becker who is spearheading the nominations team.  

    As we look forward to crisp Autumn days and nights, be well and be safe,

    Alan Wichman, HBC President

  • 08 Jun 2023 7:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    June 2023 HBC President’s Letter

    “Some of the best memories are made on a bicycle.” – François Albert

    Summer Greetings to the HBC Community!  As we approach the Summer Solstice, let’s review recent club activity and some of our plans for the near future.

    Ride Leader Refresher

    The annual ride leader refresher was conducted on Saturday May 5 in the Golden Valley Davanni meeting room.  The 31 ride leaders who attended were joined by six ride leader candidates.  Alan Wichman, Greg Swanson and Haggith Nadav reviewed several topics including safe riding, Ride with GPS and Meetup Rides.

    For those ride leaders that were unable to attend the refresher, stand by for an update by Ride Leader Team Lead Lisa Soldat for information about a makeup.

    Spring Kickoff Event in May

    On May 20, HBC held its annual Spring Kickoff.  60 members attended this year’s event at Burnes Park in Hopkins.  Attendees rode one of five rides and enjoyed a few hours of social time with great potluck dishes.  Thanks to Mary Buss for organizing this well-received event.

    HBC Jersey Store

    HBC designed and marketed a new club jersey during early spring.  Because of continued demand, we plan to reopen the jersey store from June 23 – July 7.  For those who have not seen the new club jersey, attend a ride and see one of your HBC friends modeling a really sharp looking blue club jersey.  Ellen Guerin, jersey team lead, will organize the reopening of the online jersey store.  Stay tuned for more information.   

    Tour D’Amico

    From 2000 until 2019, HBC in partnership with D’Amico restaurants sponsored the annual Fourth of July ride named Tour D’Amico, also known as TDA. 

    There will be no TDA in 2023.  HBC turns our eyes toward 2024 when this classic community bicycling event may return.

    Independence Day Event

    This year’s Independence Day event will be held at East Medicine Lake Community Park in Plymouth.  The park has lots of parking, rest rooms, a kitchen and sheltered picnic tables overlooking the eastern shore of Medicine Lake, the second largest lake in Hennepin County.  Mary Buss is organizing the event which will feature multiple rides, early morning social time with coffee and another well stocked potluck lunch.  Check HBC’s calendar for further information.   

    Birthday Bashes

    Celebrate new members and birthdays with your HBC friends at upcoming Birthday Bashes on July 7th, August 4th and September 1st.  The birthday bashes will be held at the Edina D’Amico at 7:30 and birthday cake will be provided.  Check the ride calendar for information about a pre-bash ride.

    HBC Calendar

    Check the ride calendar and register for an HBC ride.  If you are a ride leader, post your ride and enjoy leading summertime rides for your HBC friends.

    Ambassador Rides

    An Ambassador Ride is a ride organized by and/or benefits an organization other than HBC.  Pre-register for an ambassador rides on HBC’s website to receive mileage credit.  Some ambassador rides require a fee and registration using a non-HBC website. 

    The MN Ironman Bike Ride starts from downtown Shakopee on Saturday June 17th.  The Ironman benefits Free Bikes 4 KIDZ (FB4K), a non-profit that provides free bikes to those most in need.  Over the past several years, many HBC members have donated their time and skills to refurbish bikes for FB4K.  The Ironman has three mileage options:  30-35 Mile Ramble, 100km (62-mile) Metric Century, and a 100 mile Century.  Several HBC members have signed up, check the club website for further info.

    Interested in a weekend out-of-town biking getaway?  If so, Dawn Wilson and John Hardy are planning an event for July 8th and 9th.  On Saturday July 8th, riders will head out on a 20-40 mile afternoon ride on the Lake Wobegon Trail starting in St Joseph, MN.   On Sunday, July 9th, riders have the opportunity to ride one of Bike MN’s Tour of Saints rides.  You must also register for the Tour of Saints ride and pay their entry fee:

    On Saturday August 26, Rita Wilczek and Alan Wichman invite you to participate in the HBC ALS Bike Ride, Long Route (50 miles) or Medium Route (28 miles). The rides move along quiet roads in rural Washington County. In addition to providing an enjoyable bike ride, this event has a charitable purpose--to build awareness about ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.  The charitable purpose of this ride is also to request a free-will donation to the ALS Therapy Development Institute (TDI) located in greater Boston, MA.  The ALSTDI ( ) is devoted to finding treatments and ultimately a cure for ALS.

    Volunteers Needed

    Do you have IT skills including website and content management?  If so, contact Alan Wichman at   Our IT team is looking to add you to its volunteer staff.

    Do you have a nose for news?  The HBC website is looking for interesting content to post.  Send your content, pictures and/or ideas to Hoang Pham  or Gregor Matthews

    St. Paul Classic

    This year HBC will help manage the rest stop at the Mississippi River Gorge Scenic Overlook on the St Paul Classic.  The St. Paul Classic is a 34 mile bike tour that runs on Sunday September 10.  We need a team lead(s) and team members to help setup, distribute treats and manage bike traffic during the event.  Contact Alan Wichman if you are interested.

    Safe Riding is HBC’s mission

    Safe bicycle riding is the most important part of HBC’s mission.  Safe riding helps ensure an enjoyable experience for all riders.  The expectation of safe rides helps our members and guests return to ride again and again with HBC. 

    To promote safe riding, HBC provides valuable information on our website.  Go to, and click ‘Safety’ then open the page entitled, ‘Safety Basics’.  This page lists the ABC safety quick check and also lists important points about communication, predictability, crowding and awareness.  Spend some time to read that safety information.

    Other resources for safe riding may be found on the League of American Bicyclists web page:   Click the link, ‘Cycling Education’ and ‘Watch a Video’ to access several videos about safe riding.  Spend some time and watch those videos.

    As we enjoy early summer 2023, I wish you all the best.   I am grateful to all the volunteers who help HBC move forward. 

    Ride safely and be well,

    Alan Wichman, HBC President

  • 20 Mar 2023 8:46 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    March 2023 HBC President’s Letter

    “Welcome bright Springtime what joy now is ours”

    – Anton G. Rubinstein

    Warm Greetings to the HBC Community!  As a long and snowy winter continues, remember that warm weather bicycling will soon return.  To help us prepare for the upcoming biking season, here is a summary of recent club activity and some of our many plans for the near future.

    HBC Jersey Store

    Check the club’s home page at for a link to order the new club jersey.  Jersey team members will present samples at the upcoming Smart Cycling, described below.


    Tour D’Amico

    From 2000 until 2019, HBC in partnership with D’Amico restaurants sponsored the annual Fourth of July ride named Tour D’Amico, also known as TDA.  

    There will be no TDA in 2023.  HBC turns our eyes toward 2024 when this classic community bicycling event may return.

    Smart Cycling on Friday March 24

    Join your HBC friends at the Golden Valley Davanni’s for a fun and educational event.  We’ll meet in the party room inside the restaurant.  

    GV Davanni’s is located just north of Highway 55 on Winnetka Avenue North.  If you are planning on dinner, Davanni’s requests that you order ahead of time online. Find online ordering information through this web address:

    We’ll kick off Smart Cycling with a social hour from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  At 7:00 the two part program starts:

    • Our Ride with GPS expert Greg Swanson will review the features of the Ride with GPS application which is available to all HBC members.
    • Club President Alan Wichman will share cycling safety tips.  Safety is priority number one for our club.

    April Birthday Bash on Friday April 7

    Celebrate new members and April birthdays with your HBC friends at the April edition of our monthly Birthday Bash.

    The event starts at 7:30 pm.  Edie Kalweit will provide a nice cake for all to enjoy following dinner.

    Often, one of our members posts a Winter Walk or a ride before the Bash.  Watch your email for an announcement. 

    Ride Leader Refresher

    The annual ride leader refresher will be conducted this spring.  During the refresher ride leaders will review content that will help them conduct safe and enjoyable rides.

    If you would like to become a ride leader, join the Class of 2023 by attending the Refresher.

    Our Ride Leader team lead, Lisa Soldat, will provide additional information in the coming weeks.

    Spring Kickoff Event in May

    Planning for a series of all club rides is underway.   A fabulous picnic will follow the rides.  Stay tuned for further information.

    Independence Day Rides

    Planning for another series of all club rides is also underway.   A fabulous July picnic will follow the rides.  Stay tuned for further information.

    Tour of Saints

    Interested in a weekend out-of-town biking getaway?  If so, Dawn Wilson and John Hardy are planning an event for July 8th and 9th.

    On Saturday July 8th, riders will head out on a 20-40 mile afternoon ride on the Lake Wobegon Trail starting in St Joseph, MN. 

    On Sunday, July 9th, riders have the opportunity to ride one of Bike MN’s Tour of Saints rides.  Riding the Tour of Saints is considered an Ambassador Ride for HBC members, meaning you’ll receive club mileage credit when you pre-register on HBC’s website.  You must also register for the Tour of Saints ride and pay their entry fee, which will be $45 if you sign up early.  Registration opens in May:

    Check with Dawn and John for details.   

    As we slowly enter bright springtime 2023, I wish you all the best.   I am grateful to all the volunteers who help HBC move forward.  

    Be safe, be well and all the best,

    Alan Wichman, HBC President

  • 28 Dec 2022 9:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    December 2022 HBC President’s Letter 

    "Every mile is two in Winter" - George Herbert

    Warmest Greetings to the HBC Community!

    Here is a summary of recent club activity and plans for the future.

    Annual Member Meeting

    On November 20th we held our annual member meeting at Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church in Plymouth.  51 members attended.  We started the meeting with an abundant potluck dinner and social hour.  We then conducted the business component of the meeting.  


    ·       Stable membership level at about 250

    ·       In-person rides, birthday bashes and smart cycling events returned in 2022

    ·       We had well attended spring kick-off and Independence Day rides and picnics

    ·       HBC runs on volunteers as seen through our members who support Free Bikes 4 KIDZ and the St. Paul Classic

    ·       Our tradition of donating to bicycling organizations continues. This year we donated $1000.00 to Free Bikes 4 KIDZ

    ·       Dues will increase on January 1, 2023

    Election of Board Members

    There were three open positions on the board of directors.  Mary Buss and Gregor Matthews were elected to the two positions vacated by the retirement of Ellen Guerin and Hoang Pham.  Alan Wichman, whose first term on the board completed, was re-elected. 

    Many thanks to Ellen and Hoang for their contributions to the board.

    New Team Jersey

    Three HBC board members formed a committee to research a new club jersey. Ellen Guerin spearheaded the effort. Mike Becker and Carmen Price were the other two committee members. Ellen has worked tirelessly with Borah Teamwear from Wisconsin to develop a design and color combination for the new jersey.  Stay tuned for more information about the jersey.

    Learn More

    Lots more happened during the business meeting.   Review the presentation in the members-only section of our website:  Members > Club Minutes > Annual Meeting Minutes

    Board of Directors

    On December 12, the Board of Directors kicked off the new operating year by selecting club officers:

    ·       Alan Wichman – President

    ·       Mike Becker – Vice President

    ·       Ron Jensen – Treasurer

    ·       Carmen Price – Secretary

    Rounding out the board are:

    ·       Shelli Hesselroth

    ·       Mary Buss

    ·       Gregor Matthews

    This is an excellent board with deep bicycling experience.   Give your recommendations and feedback to any of the board members.

    What is Happening in Early 2023?

    The January Birthday Bash will be at the Edina D’Amico on 1/6/23. 

    Check the ride schedule for FAT/Mountain Bike rides.  For those who don’t bike during the winter, check out the Winter Walkers.  This is an informal group not sponsored by HBC yet includes many HBC members.  The Winter Walkers have enjoyed walking outside, walking in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and in the Mall of America and even bowling.  If you are not on the Winter Walkers distribution list, email Haggith Nadav at    

    Smart Cycling and the February Birthday Bash will be held together.  The new team jersey sample will be on display.

    ·       Topic:  “Let’s Ride Together – Bike Trips & Tours II”

    ·       Location: Davanni's in Golden Valley

    ·       Friday, February 3, 6:00 -9:00 pm

    As 2022 draws to a close, I wish you Happy New Year.  I am grateful to all the volunteers who help HBC move forward. 

    Be safe, be well and all the best,

    Alan Wichman, HBC President

  • 18 Nov 2022 9:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    November 2022 HBC President’s Letter

    Annual Member Meeting and Potluck Dinner*

    November 20th at 4:45 pm

    Join your HBC friends on Sunday, November 20th at 4:45 pm for our club’s annual meeting and potluck dinner.

    The meeting will be held at Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church in Plymouth located at 12235 Old Rockford Road.

    We will enjoy a potluck dinner that will include dishes courtesy of us
    all. Bring an entrée or salad or appetizer and/or accompaniment to share with the group.

    The Club will provide flatware, beverages, pre-dinner munchies and cake. Cake will be served so there is no need to bring dessert items.

    There will be extension cords available to plug in your crock pots.

    During the member meeting, HBC officers and team leads will review the club’s successful 2022 operating year, including updates about:

    Rides and events Social Activities
    Ride Statistics
    New Ride Leaders

    New Club Jersey Finances

    Election of Board Members Meeting schedule:
    4:45 5:15 Social time
    5:15 6:00 Potluck Dinner

    6:00 7:15 Business Meeting
    Register for the meeting on our ride calendar. See you Sunday, 11/20/22 at 4:45 pm.
    * This is a non-alcohol event.

  • 01 Jun 2022 10:09 AM | Anonymous

    June 2022 HBC President’s Letter

    Ride with your HBC Friends on the Fourth of July

    HBC is again sponsoring the Independence Day Ride Series.  I invite you to sign up and join your HBC friends for a great variety of rides, fun, food and fellowship.  What a great activity on the 4th of July!

    Location: Brookview Park in Golden Valley 

    The large pavilion located toward the center of Brookview Park is the starting point for our Independence Day rides.  The large pavilion is also the headquarters for socializing, snacks and lunch following the rides.  Parking is adjacent to the pavilion and bathrooms are located in the pavilion.   Navigation tips:  Brookview Park is located immediately south of Hwy 55 and Winnetka Ave North.  The street address is 100 Brookview Parkway North, Golden Valley.

    Time:  8:00 am marks the start of social time with treats. 

    HBC will provide pop, water (still and with bubbles) snacks and cake.  Because managing a coffee maker in a picnic pavilion is all too often unpleasant, bring your morning coffee from home or stop at Caribou along the way.

    Rides:  The Long, the Medium and the Short of it

    Three routes are posted on the Ride Calendar. For agility and safety, HBC ride leaders will divide the riders into groups of 15 or fewer.  To help us plan the number of leaders needed, register now for one of these routes:

    • Long Route:  Leaves the Pavilion at 8:30 am  This hilly 40 mile route is led by Greg Swanson and Jim Luoma. 
    • Medium Route:  Leaves the Pavilion at 9:00 am –   This moderately paced ride over 28 miles of rolling terrain is led by Colette Sulser and Ron Jensen. 
    • Short Route:  Leaves the Pavilion at 10:00 am – This moderately paced ride of about 20 miles will be led by Shelli Hesselroth and Bruce Allyn.

    Post-ride Lunch and Socializing:  11:30 am to 2:00 pm   Lunch options:

    Bring your own lunch and store in one of the coolers we’ll provide. 

    Get your lunch from D’Amico & Sons located right across the street.  Lunch from D’Amico is not funded by HBC and is a transaction between you and D’Amico.  The manager asks that you order online by 9:00 pm on Saturday, July 2 to give the staff enough planning and prep time on the morning of July 4th.  Specify in your order that you are part of HBC and that your pickup time is 11:30 am on July 4th.   We will dispatch an HBC member to pickup all of our orders.

    Pavilion Monitors

    Judy Burdick and Tom Renner will manage the pavilion while the rest of us are out riding.  So no worries about your picnic lunch or cooler walking away.

    Thanks to Shelli Hesselroth for planning and managing the Independence Day Ride Series.

    HBC News

    In May the HBC ride leader team conducted the annual ride leader refresher.  37 HBC ride leaders and 7 members who want to become ride leaders attended.  Our speakers were Hoang Pham who introduced the event and presenters.  Greg Swanson reviewed the capabilities of the Ride with GPS mapping software and the steps to add rides to the club calendar.  Alan Wichman provided an overview of topics including rider safety, insurance, waiver and web resources.  Dan Robinson provided additional information about club insurance and Mike Becker provided an analysis of ride and rider metrics.  Thanks go to Shelli Hesselroth and Carmen Price who helped ensure the success of the refresher.  

    The annual HBC Spring Kickoff was held at Burnes Park in Hopkins on May 21.  Despite balmy 56 degree temperatures, riders enjoyed three route options.  Following the ride, many attendees enjoyed lunch from the MinnyRow Market.  The traditional HBC cake was also a hit with the participants.  Thanks to Jean Mangan who organized the event enjoyed by nearly 50 club members.


    In other news:

    St. Paul Classic on September 11, 2022 – Edie Kalweit is organizing HBC volunteers to staff the rest stop at Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul.  Contact Edie at for more information.

    Get out there and ride during our Minnesota summer.  If you are a ride leader or a ride leader in training, post more rides.

    Thanks, be well and be safe.

    Alan Wichman, HBC President

  • 31 Mar 2022 3:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    March 2022 HBC President’s Letter

    Welcome Sweet Springtime, We Greet Thee . . .

    It’s been a quiet biking month since the last president’s letter.  Nonetheless, HBC remains quite active.

    On March 4th about 25 HBCers and friends went for a Winter Walk before enjoying the March Birthday Bash at the Edina D’Amico.  Due to the COVID surge, this had been the first in-person Bash in months.  It was nice to gather as a group once again.   We’ll repeat the monthly in-person Birthday Bash tradition on Friday, April 1.   

    During our March board meeting we reviewed plans for our Spring Kick-off event scheduled for May 21st at Burnes Park in Hopkins.  The Spring Kick-off features coffee, pastry, biking, socializing and lunch (either bring or buy your own).  Ride leaders are putting together routes for a variety of speeds and distances.  Stay tuned as Jean Mangan continues to organize the event.

    HBC has over 30 ride leaders who plan, map, lead and report ride participation.  During the past operating year seven members completed their leadership training and together led over 50 rides.  New leaders bring fresh perspectives, new rides, and new accents to existing routes. 

    The reasons our ride leaders lead rides vary.  Many like to promote the fellowship brought by leading a group of like-minded people along a favorite route.  Others like the opportunity to set the pace and the food stops.  Other people like putting together a ride with a theme such as architecture, coffee shops, ice cream shops or area history.  Being a leader is also a motivation to get out and go riding yourself.  That’s a pretty good list.  What reasons resonate with you? 

    If you are not a ride leader consider it.  The steps to become a ride leader are well-defined and are not difficult.  Step one is to find a current ride leader to mentor you.  Your mentor will teach you lots including how to put together a map, how to post the ride on the event calendar, and how to conduct a pre-ride briefing.  In addition to your mentor, other ride leaders will answer questions and help you succeed. 

    Planning for our annual ride leader refresher event is in the works.  This year, members of the board who are ride leaders will conduct the refresher.  Stay tuned for the announcement.

    We need a ride leader to step forward and lead the ride leader team.  The main responsibilities of this role are:

    • o   Conduct ride leader refresher sessions every spring
    • o   Recruit new ride leaders
    • o   Keep the Ride Leader Manual up-to-date
    • o   Advocate for the Ride Leaders

    Ride leader, contact me or Dawn Wilson and we will get you moving forward. 

    In other news:

    E-Bike Challenge Minneapolis – long time HBC member Russ Lowthian ( publisher of Have Fun ) is one of the principals behind this event.  The E-Bike Challenge runs on April 2nd and 3rd at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Click this link for more information:

    30 Days of Biking – April 1 marks the beginning of this year’s 30 days of biking.  Learn more here:

    Thanks, be well and stay safe.

    Alan Wichman, HBC President

  • 28 Feb 2022 3:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    February 2022 HBC President’s Letter

    We Leave Behind the (Not So) Bleak Midwinter

    “Were I not a member of HBC, I never would have formed such meaningful friendships and I never would have gone on so many enjoyable bike rides and bike trips both close to home and in other countries.  That’s why HBC means so much to me.”--   Presenter at our most recent Smart Cycling held last Friday, February 25th

    Here’s a summary of what HBC has been up to since the last President’s letter.

    On January 21, we hosted the first of three Smart Cycling events planned for 2022.   This Zoom event featured an Indie film from Portugal, “The Soul of a Cyclist”, which profiled several European cyclists who choose to ride classic bicycles over high tech bikes.  Even through subtitles, nearly 30 attendees enjoyed the film and more importantly the time to socialize.

    Because of COVID the board cancelled the in-person Birthday Bash at the Edina D’Amico scheduled for February 4.  Instead, HBC ran another film, “Inspired to Ride”, through Zoom. This film featured a handful of riders from around the world who pedaled over 4200 miles across the US as part of the Trans AM Bike Race in 2015.

    If you were not able to attend either of the film events described above, watch the videos on Amazon or Vimeo.   Google two of the Trans AM bike riders: Mike Hall and Juliana Buhring featured in “Inspired to Ride”.  Both have incredible personal and bicycle stories.   

    A few days ago, on February 25th over 50 members and guests gathered at the Golden Valley Davanni’s event room for dinner and a social hour followed by a panel discussion of multi-day, out of town bike trips. HBC members Russ Lowthian, Marcy Kelash, Mike Becker, John Hardy, Dawn Wilson, Kent Malcolm, Ed Newman and Carmen Price shared their experiences biking in Europe, Africa and the US.  The panel shared their recommendations finding organized trips and putting together their own trips.   Special thanks goes to Carmen who MC’d the event and to Mike Becker who assembled the accompanying video display.

    On March 25 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, we will present our third Smart Cycling event of 2022.  Entitled, ‘Getting Ready for Ride Season’, this event will include Greg Swanson’s overview of the Ride with GPS route planner and navigation app.   More information about this Smart Cycling event will be emailed shortly.   

    A shout out goes to Shelli Hesselroth, our Smart Cycling team lead, who orchestrates these fine events. 

    An in-person Birthday Bash is planned for Friday, March 4 at the Edina D’Amico.  The March Bash will include a pre-event walk through nearby neighborhoods, lots of time for socializing over dinner and of course, Birthday Cake. 

    Planning is underway for our Spring Kick-off rides.   Jean Mangan is leading the planning team.  The Spring Kick-off will feature social time, snacks & beverages and several ride options.  Save May 21st for this event.  Standby for details. 

    There will be no Tour D’Amico (TDA) this year due to the impact of COVID.  The board will use the hiatus from TDA as an opportunity to re-engineer the event.  Stay tuned for updates as we look toward 2023.

    Over the past several years, our club’s operating expenses have increased.  While the board has cut expenses over the last two years to help keep us on the good side of the balance book, expenses exceed our income from dues. 

    When the club was founded an individual membership cost $25.00. Today over 22 years later, an individual membership remains at $25.00.   The Consumer Price Index, an indicator of inflation, puts $25.00 in the year of the club’s founding to be over $40.00 today.  The board has made no decision about how much and when dues will increase but it is a discussion point.  Stay tuned.

    This club moves forward through the efforts of our member volunteers.  We need a ride leader to step forward and lead the ride leader team. This position has a positive impact on the experience of our riders.  Don’t be shy, contact me and we’ll get you started.   

    Here’s a membership benefit you likely didn’t know about.  HBC is a member of the League of American Bicyclists (LAB).  Check out the LAB website for information about bike advocacy and LAB’s mission and vision to help create a bicycle friendly America.   LAB publishes a quarterly magazine, American Bicyclist, available on this webpage for you to read online or download:

    Check your knowledge about bike safety by taking this quiz provided by our friends in the Florida Bicycle Association:  I have a bit to learn.  How did you do?

    As we leave the (not so) bleak midwinter behind and look to the promise of a long spring, summer and fall biking season, I wish you safety, wellness and all the best.

    Alan Wichman, HBC President

  • 14 Jan 2021 3:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    January 2021 HBC President’s Letter


    The Hiawatha Bike Club Board of Directors met on Monday, January 4th. The approved meeting minutes are attached. Our main goal was to review and approve the 2021 budget. The Board approved a “slimmed down” budget to see us through another year largely influenced by the pandemic. We do not plan on having the Annual Volunteer Banquet since we didn’t have the Tour D’Amico  last year. However, we are excited to plan a “Kickoff Picnic” in late May to reunite members for a fun outdoor event with safe distancing measures. Our IT team has been working diligently to simplify systems that will also be less expensive in the future. The approved budget has a $2,996 deficit, which will be covered by the Reserve Fund.  We are grateful for the prior Boards and Audit Committees who have maintained a comfortable “rainy day” fund for the club through the years.

    While it may not be possible for us to have the full Tour D’Amico event in 2021, we are discussing an alternative member event for Independence Day. We expect to know more next month, as the situation is fluid. I will update you when we have a solid plan. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we evaluate the situation.

    We are grateful for our team of very talented and dedicated IT specialists who are working on improving the HBC website and infrastructure. Leon W. has implemented a new and  improved waiver process in RideStats. This process ensures that members sign the waiver every ride year, as recommended by our insurance company. The waivers are signed electronically and saved permanently for the Club records.

    Marty R. has spearheaded  a conversion from Paypal  to  AffiniPay for the payment processor. This will save the Club significant annual cost because of AffiniPay’s relationship with our membership and website provider, Wild Apricot. Before your next renewal date, you will receive a reminder email from HBC with a link for renewing your dues. Please consider selecting the auto renewal option to avoid any interruption in your membership

    2021 New Year’s Resolution – Get Out and Ride Now! See Greg S.’s informative and helpful article on winter riding tips on the home page of the website. Greg has also posted a self-paced 18 mile all trails route. Be sure to sign up if you’d like to try out this interesting ride. Not too soon to start accumulating your ride miles for the 2021 season!

    All the best,

    Shelli Hesselroth

    HBC President

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