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September 13, 2017 HBC Board Minutes

03 Oct 2017 10:10 AM | Anonymous

HBC Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2017

1321 East 66th St., Suite 102





The meeting was called to order 6:30 pm.  In attendance: Jim Luoma, Jack Soltis, Dan Robinson, Barry Cole, Bev Sorensen, Bruce Allyn and Danette Vassilopoulos and Greg Swanson.


AGENDA:  Ad Haggith’s emails suggestions to calendar.  Agenda approved by all.


MINUTES:  Approved by all.


Greg Swanson reminds the board that we conduct a financial audit of our records this time of year.  Last year Wilbur Thomas and Colette Sulser provided this service.  Bruce will contact them to request they repeat this year.


TDA Report:   Greg Swanson   see attached sheet from Greg


Jack motions that we give Edie Kalweit the 2 remaining $50 gift cards left over from Tour D’Amico to help cover birthday cake costs.  VOTE all vote yes


Bruce motions that he sends $500 to charity chosen by the company that provided the tents and tables.  VOTE   all vote yes



 Most TDA expenses have been paid.

There is $600 outstanding for the ride leader jerseys. Jim Luoma will follow up with John Zeiss on the ride leader vests.

Also we need to pay for our post office box soon, which is $225

Right now the club has $30,470.87 cash on hand


MARKETING:  Dan has another upcoming meeting for the MSC Council.


MEMBERSHIP: club had 201 members, 4 new members and 5 members have left for a 200 total


OPERATING CALENDER:  October meeting on Tuesday October 17.  Barry will bring snacks.  Need to decide on annual meeting date.   Board Meeting in November will be on November 8th at 6:30 pm.


SMART CYCLING:  Robyn will do this program again this year.  She already has 1 program in the works.


TDA DIRECTOR  for NEXT YEAR:  Greg Swanson will act as director again ONLY if an assistant is found and in place.

Dan suggests we think of ways to make the TDA Director job more manageable.


GIFT CERTIFICATE BRUCE BECK:  Jim Luoma presented a nice certificate for us to give Bruce.  Dan will contact Bruce to see if he is able to attend the annual meeting.






DONATIONS:  Last year HBC donated $500 to each of 5 charities.  Bruce Allyn motions that we give a total of $1500 this year to reflect our profits from TDA being lower.  After much discussion a motion is made by Bruce to donate $500 to 3 charities.  VOTE  all vote yes.  Following are the charities chosen:

  • 1.     MN Bike Alliance  $500
  • 2.      Three Rivers Park District  $500
  • 3.      Free Bikes 4 Kidz  $500

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.














































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