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April 17, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

06 Jun 2017 2:28 PM | Anonymous

HBC Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2017

                      1321 East 66th St., Suite #102


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.  In attendance: Jim Luoma, Bruce Allyn, Barry Cole, Bev Sorensen,  Jack Soltis, Danette Vassilopoulos and Leon Webster(guest).



-Add Russ Lowithian letter

-New Business - add request to help advertise Ride Across MN

Agenda approved.


Leon Webster first presented new Ride Stats & Entry program capability-via Michelle.  This program will simplify the data entry for ride leaders as well as take care of updating many stats that Leon does manually at this time.

  • -       Both TCBC & HBC use this program right now
  • -       No need having Java Script needed on personal computer
  • -       COST   $300

Discussion ensued. 

Jim Luoma was opposed to spending the money and asked how else we could accomplish this.

Bruce Allyn proposed we accept this proposal.  Barry Cole seconded.

Abstaining:  Jack Soltis and Jim Luoma

All else voted Aye so motion was passed.




Bruce Allyn presented why we should not stay in current bond fund.  He suggested a Balanced Index Fund from VANGUARD, low costs and a bit more diversity.

Bruce Allyn proposed we accept this motion.  Bev Sorensen seconded.

Abstaining:  Jack Soltis

All else voted AYE so motion passed.

BUDGET:  Volunteer banquet was under budget by $700

                     Smart Cycling probably a little over budget but all receipts not in yet

                     Insurance was a little over budget.



Russ suggested having 3 rides each ride being slightly longer and a week apart to attract new members Cost to member would be $11 and D’Amico would then give new member a gift card worth $11 for food. (After completing all 3 rides)


All approved giving Russ the go ahead with this suggestion.


MEMBERSHIP   1 new member, 4 old members left HBC

Currently we have 193 members.



May 15th Monday 6:30

June 12th Monday 6:30

July 17th Monday 6:30

August 14th Monday


Bev proposes we have discussion at May meeting regarding donations the club will be making.  We can then advertise this for TDA.



Barry & Bruce will get together with Greg Swanson to set up payments for TDA.


Walden McFarland emailed the board.  He is in charge of Ride for MN whose goal is to raise $ for cancer and increase healthy activities.  He has requested that we post info on this ride to our HBC website so members know about it.  ( Sept 9-16)


Vote was called and all voted not to add to the HBC calendar. 

Abstaining were Jack Soltis and Barry Cole.


Jack also suggested we should have a club policy regarding adding other items to the club calendar so as to treat all requests the same way.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.




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