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What Are "Self-Paced" Rides?

HBC is offering Self-Paced Rides as an alternative to our group rides during the time health authorities are urging us to maintain social distancing.   Self-Paced Rides are HBC Rides that you will do either by yourself, household members, and invited others.  You may start the ride anytime within a week after it is posted on the ride calendar, and may complete the ride at a time and pace that is convenient for you.  You may start the ride at any place that is convenient for you.  Although the ride leader will not be present at your ride, the ride leader did preview the route to make sure that it is reasonably safe, and you will receive mileage credit for completing a self-paced ride. 

 There are several reasons that HBC is offering Self-Paced Rides:

    • HBC wants to encourage members to keep riding regularly.  One of the benefits of belonging to a bicycle club is to try out interesting new routes and see places that we wouldn't otherwise know about.  Self-Paced Rides allow ride leaders to post an interesting route and you may then ride it at your convenience.
    • Self-Paced Rides provide a way for us to stay connected.  Even though we can't gather for after ride snacks and refreshments, we can share the experience of the ride via the e-rides group, or the club's facebook page.
    • We feel good to see our individual miles accumulate as the season progresses. Even if we aren’t in a group, the miles we ride DO matter, both to ourselves and our club.

How do I do a Self-Paced Ride?

There are four steps that you need to do to complete a self-paced Ride.

  1. Register for the ride.  
    In order to be covered by HBC's Insurance, you must check in with the ride leader before you begin the ride and check out with the ride leader after you complete the ride.   Although you can tell the ride leader that you are doing the ride via an email, the best way to "check in" is by registering for the ride on the ride calendar.  We have changed the appearance of the calendar so that rides are listed in order.  Self-Paced Rides are shown in green.   Clicking on any field in the ride listing will bring up the ride details.  There is a "Register" button on the details page, just under the location.  Clicking that button will bring up page that will allow you to register for the ride.  If you wish, you may also register another member in your household for the ride. 

    All Guests MUST use the electronic registration process and must complete the electronic waiver in order to participate on a self-paced ride.  Remember that HBC's insurance only covers guests on their first HBC ride.  After that, they must join HBC.

    After you register for the ride, you will receive an email with the details of the ride, a link to the route in RideWithGPS, And a link to allow you self-report the ride.  The ride will also be avaiiable on your "My RideStats" page under the member's menu.

  2. Download the route from Ride With GPS. 
    HBC has a club membership at "". This allows club members to print maps and cue sheets, or to download HBC routes to their smartphone or GPS enabled cycle computer.  The  
    "Ride With GPS for HBC Members" page explains what you need to do to get the benefits of Ride With GPS.  Ride with GPS has a movie that explains how to navigate club routes

  3. Ride the Route
    Since this is a self-paced, solo ride, you may ride the route at a time that is most convenient for you, and at a pace of your own choosing.  There is no need to worry about keeping up or being left behind.  Since you will be riding alone, or with other members of your household, it is important that your bicycle be in good mechanical condition and you are able to handle any minor mechanical issues that may arise.  A good way to check out your bike is to follow the "ABC-Quick Check".  

    Like any HBC ride, you must wear a helmet when riding. In addition, be sure to obey all traffic laws and ride in a courteous and safe manner. Because of the current restrictions, there are more people on the streets and trails than usual. We are all trying to maintain a safe physical separation from each other. As a result, many people are making sudden shifts of direction or speed. More information about safe riding practices can be found on the safety page.

    Remember that you are responsible for your own safety on self-paced rides. HBC ride leaders make every effort to choose safe routes. But they can't anticipate every issue that could arise between the time they preview the route and the time you ride it. So if a road appears unsafe, or if a trail or road has been closed due to construction, don't go that way. But do send the ride leader an email making them aware of the issue, or fill in the comments when you self-report the ride.

  4. Report your Ride.
    Since you told the ride leader that you were going to do the ride, you also need to inform her that you have completed the ride so that you get mileage credit.  The easiest way to do this is to use the link labeled "Report My Finish for [Ride Name]" on the confirmation email you received when you registered for the ride.  If you didn't do the whole route, you may change the distance to report the actual miles that you rode.  You may also leave comments for the ride leader.  The ride leader may choose to include your comments in the final ride report which is viewable by the public.

    If you didn't register via RideStats, or you have lost your confirmation email, you may also report the ride by sending the ride leader an email. 

We hope you enjoy self-paced rides, and they provide a value to you during the time that social distancing rules are in place.  Remember that even though we are apart, we all in this together.  And we look forward to seeing you in person when the group rides are permitted. 

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