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President's Letter May 2020

12 Jun 2020 11:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Hiawatha Bicycling Club

President’s Letter

May 2020

There is a lot of interesting news to report from the May 4th HBC Board meeting (a link to the minutes is below). No, we haven’t found anything earth-shattering like a vaccine, sorry to say. But we do have strong evidence that HBC is alive and doing very well.

First, I want to give a big thanks to Marty Rosenstein for coming up with the idea of creating the Second Harvest Heartland charity event (he never lacks for ideas!). In less than 3 weeks, over 50 members rode more than 4000 miles to meet our $2000 goal. I thought it might take until the end of May to accomplish this, but knowing HBC members, it really shouldn't have surprised me at all.

But wait! there’s more for you to do. Keep submitting your miles to ride4others@hbcmail.org until the end of May.  We will give you credit for these miles on RideStats in place of the mileage you would have earned if group rides could be scheduled.

If you like the idea of donating to Second Harvest, the Board asks that you consider adding to the HBC donation by making your own donation for the miles you ride from now through the end of May. To make your tax-deductible donation, go to their website https://www.2harvest.org/, access the online donation form, and enter our club name in the appropriate spot. Or, consider contributing to the charity of your choice. All of this is totally anonymous and totally optional, of course. But do submit your miles to ride4others no matter what else you do.

Since this event was so popular, we plan to announce a new “group” event for the month of June. It won’t involve raising money for charity this time, but from what I’ve heard it will be something we can all do together (without being together--you know what I mean).

We continue to assume there won't be a return to the “old” normal any time soon.  We don't want to waste a whole summer by not biking, so we are proactively planning for both for the “current” normal and whatever the “new” normal will be.  I’ve personally decided that the term “social" distancing isn’t the best way to describe what I envision for HBC. We love being social, right? Maybe “physical" distancing is a better term. We need to maintain physical distance from each other but stay socially connected.  

For the “current” normal, Self-Paced (or Solo) rides are about to begin. Few other bicycle clubs are offering solo rides of any kind and our program is an HBC original. Let’s give a big thanks to Leon Webster and Michelle Brougher for the countless hours they’ve worked to make this a reality. Two Ride Leader meetings are scheduled via Zoom on May 9th and 13th to instruct ride leaders on how to create routes. After that, HBC will be off and cycling.

You will receive an e-mail notification when the Self-Paced ride program begins. In the meantime, you can start learning more about accessing and completing solo rides by going to https://www.hiawathabike.org/Self-Paced-Rides.

The Board is carefully monitoring our financial situation.  Not holding TDA has a significant effect on the club’s profit/loss for 2020, but we believe that the club’s reserves are still financially strong. Our membership numbers are steady, thanks not only to those who have renewed, but also to new members who have joined our club in the past few months.

I am really looking forward to what's ahead for HBC this summer.  No matter what, it's going to be unforgettable.

As always, feel free to e-mail me, or any Board member, with questions or comments.

Lisa Soldat

HBC President

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