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President's Letter April 2020

06 Apr 2020 6:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


APRIL 2020

The HBC Board meeting was held as scheduled on April 6th via Zoom. The link to the draft minutes is included below.

The focus of the meeting was future planning for the new reality. The most important item to consider was Tour D’Amico. Given the uncertainty of what COVID-19 regulations will look like in June, the Board made the difficult decision to suspend further planning for this year’s TDA. A main concern was the unknown level of risk posed to volunteers and riders. Additional reasons are listed in the minutes. Our decision is in alignment with other June events that are being changed or cancelled by their organizers. I want to give a big thanks to the TDA chair, Nancy Spooner-Mueller, and her planning team, for the work they have done thus far.

You are likely aware that when the current wave of COVID-19 subsides, there is a real possibility that a second wave of infection may occur later in the summer or early fall. This might mean that most of HBC’s activities would need to be modified in some way for the remainder of this year. The Board sees this challenge as an opportunity to creatively look beyond the familiarity of scheduled group rides. We’re planning now so that, depending on different potential community restrictions, we will be ready to offer interesting biking opportunities to our members. We are in the midst of discussions with Ride Leaders and members to develop ways to encourage members to ride regularly, perhaps even recreating the feel of group riding when you aren’t actually riding in a group. Intrigued? We hope so!

As you know, solo cycling continues to be the only option for the foreseeable future. With the improving weather, I know that many of you have begun riding on your own. It has inspired me to do so as well—thank you! Knowing there are many other HBC members doing the same thing helps me feel a sense of community. I hope it does for you too.

Solo cycling has a few challenges not necessarily seen with group rides. I encourage you to be sure you are prepared so you can handle, by yourself, the typical problems that may occur on a bike ride. There are plenty of online resources that will tell you what to keep on your bike to be prepared for mechanical problems. There are also many free educational bike safety resources. One example is the free online courses offered by Cycling Savvy (www.cyclingsavvy.org).

Finally, I want to emphasize a couple health-related tips here. Make sure you carry your ID, health insurance card and a well-charged phone. Accidents happen outside of our control of course, but making safe choices for your rides will help decrease risk. If you get hurt, how will someone else help you and still maintain the 6-foot rule? Do you really want to end up in the ER nowadays? Not only does this increase your risk of COVID-19 exposure, but it also diverts health care resources like PPE away from more seriously ill patients.

I will be sending you announcements about new activities as they are finalized. Do you have suggestions? Want to help?  Contact me or any Board meeting and let us know.

Lisa Soldat

HBC President

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