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The HBC CPR training class completed. This training can save lives on a bike rides and anywhere else. Read an Imaginary but Real Story

24 Nov 2019 9:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

CPR Training - A Story that Could Happen to Any of Us, Anywhere, at Any Time:

On a warm and sunny afternoon, you pull into the parking lot next to your HBC friends.  You get yourself and your bike ready, catch up with other riders you haven’t seen for a while, listen to the briefing, review the map and then follow the ride leader onto the route.

At the mid-point of the ride the leader pulls into the scheduled rest stop.  This is a scenic spot in the country.  Some of the riders dismount and sit at nearby tables, others stand next to their bikes downing some energy drink while others use the rest room.

Days like this make you glad you are out on your bike.

Nearby, you notice a few people not part of the HBC group huddled close to one another, some are shouting.  As you get a bit closer you see a person on the ground not moving.  This is a jolt, what’s happening?  Is someone in trouble? 

You enter the huddle and ask what’s happening.  A guy says that his cousin collapsed.  He says nothing like this has ever happened before.  You look around and quickly think to yourself, can somebody do something?  A second passes and no one steps up.  OK, you think, if not me, then who?  You say to yourself, “I’m not going to stand by and watch”.  You step forward to help.

You follow the key points from the CPR training you recently completed.   You make sure that the scene is safe, that the person in distress is not in danger of being run over by a car or bike.  You shake the person’s shoulders and ask them if they are OK.  They’re not OK, they don’t respond.   You shout out, ‘Call 911!’  You call to anyone nearby to check if there is an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) at the rest stop.  Next, you check if the person is breathing, you check for a pulse.  There is no pulse and there is no breath.

You swallow hard and begin chest compressions like you were taught in class.  It’s different doing compressions on a person’s chest rather than on a manikin but you push through it.  The first 30 seconds turn into a couple of minutes.  There is no AED.  You continue compressions.  The folks with the person in distress are watching anxiously, some praying others crying.  In the distance you can hear the siren and soon the first responder appears.  She takes over for you.  A short time later the paramedics arrive and deploy their advanced lifesaving equipment. 

The fear in the group is relieved a bit as the person starts breathing on their own and a heart rhythm appears on the monitor.

You just helped someone.

The story above is a work of fiction.  It is based on my take-aways from the HBC-sponsored CPR class that I recently completed.  Even though fiction, a story like this plays out every day, anywhere and at any time.

Our bike club, Hiawatha Bike Club, focuses great attention on the safety of our riders and the safety of those around us.  Because Medical emergencies could happen during any of our events including bike rides, meals, walks, or meeting, the HBC Board sponsored CPR Training. 

The HBC CPR training was delivered on November 24, during the hours leading up to our annual meeting.   The class was taught by Lisa Wagner of Renew Life CPR.  Lisa Wagner has a 20-year track record of teaching CPR and First Aid courses.  During the class we watched training videos, listened to our trainer, practiced on adult, kid and baby-sized manikins.  Our instructor provided great answers to our questions about CPR and using an AED. 

17 of your fellow HBC members completed the class and passed the test and now hold a Basic Life Support CPR and AED Certification from the American Heart Association.  As a benefit, the club paid half of the registration fee for ride leaders to help them help their riders in case of emergency.

A sincere and hearty thanks to the HBC Board and to our president Lisa Soldat for advocating for HBC-sponsored CPR training.

Are you interested in taking this CPR class?  The board is open to sponsoring another session.  Contact Lisa Soldat or any other board member for more information, board@hbcmail.org

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